Five Steps To Find Your Perfect Vase

Five Steps To Find Your Perfect Vase

It’s not just about the flowers; it’s about finding the perfect vase to complement them. Everything from the colour, proportions and material of the vase can give an entirely different look to your display and so it is worth doing a little research to ensure you achieve the look you desire. So how do you pick a great vase to show your blooms off to their best angle? Follow these steps to make sure that your bouquet is always perfectly styled.



high quality artificial flower arrangement with vase

high quality pink artificial flower bouquet with vase

 best artificial flowers with vase


Our number one tip for styling artificial flowers is to choose a vase that is narrower at the neck than it is at the base. A tapered neck will holds your stems together and keep your bouquet’s perfect shape. It will also provide a stable base as, without water, artificial flowers, can be prone to toppling over!


To ensure your blooms nestle perfectly in the neck of the vase your ideal vase will have a height almost equal to that of the stems below the leaves and blooms - in our bouquets, this is where we have tied it with ribbons, measure from the ribbon to the tip of the stems for the height of your perfect vase.


At Amaranthine Blooms we work to a golden rule of 40% vase, 60% flowers for the overall height of your bouquet. We think this gives enough limelight to both elements but with a little more focus on the flowers (yes we are biased!)


Many of our customers prefer an opaque vase to hide the stems of their artificial flowers and fool their friends into thinking they are real - it certainly works. Others add water to clear vases for a convincing look whilst some prefer to show off their stems with pride! The choice is yours!


Our first choice for vases is glass - high quality, mouth-blown pieces that are a work of art in their own right and perfectly match the quality of our hand-made silk flowers. Whether your flower    arrangement is large or small, an elegant glass vase will complete the look perfectly.

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