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Shhhhh.....our little secret


One of the delights of running Amaranthine Blooms is the fabulous feedback that we receive from our customers around the world. My favourite story this week came from England where a lady told me that her Casablanca lilies looked so real, her cleaner had put them in water!

If you want to convince your friends and family that your artificial flowers are real, follow our tips below…. and don’t worry, it’s our secret!

  1. When you have chosen your vase, trim the stems of your flowers to just the right length (use a pair of wire cutters or garden secateurs) and reseal the ends with a spot of glue (PVA works well)
  2. Remove any leaves from the lower parts of the stem, just as you would with real flowers 
  3. Alternatively, selecting an opaque vase to hide the stems and leaves - this way you can bend the stems so that they can be straightened and used in their taller length at a future time
  4. Arrange your flowers, perhaps bending the stems just below the head to encourage the heads to fall naturally over the side of the vase (this works particularly well with our large hydrangeas and peonies)
  5. From time to time, when you have visitors, put a little water in the bottom of your vase, leave for no more than 1-2 days and allow stems to dry out again in between. (Some stems are not suitable for placing in water, contact us if you have any questions)
  6. Keep your flowers clean. Use a hairdryer on a cool setting to remove dust regularly (more frequently on white flowers) and a damp cloth to remove any marks.
  7. Don’t forget to keep the vase clean as well
  8. And, of course, select the best quality artificial flowers from Amaranthine Blooms!