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Happy Birthday Mrs Wong

It gave me great pleasure today to create this beautiful gift for the birthday of a very special lady who turned 90 last week. The lady in question is the Grannie of an old friend, making it an extra special occasion.
For the gift we suggested a pretty bouquet of pink hydrangeas and roses, which despite being elegantly simple has a wide range of different shades within the individual blooms making it a perfect gift. We arranged for this to be hand-delivered including the vase and a card so that Grannie just has to pop it on her shelf an admire it.
We think that this makes a great gift for a friend’s birthday or especially the birth of a baby girl – what new mother has time to be caring for all those fresh flowers that get delivered and much better to give a gift that will still look as beautiful as the day it arrived when baby turns two, just like baby!
We are busy designing its blue equivalent for all those bouncing baby boys and are inspired to create a new section of our website with lots more gift ideas which we will advertise on our homepage shortly – watch this space for more details…….