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Exquisite New Bouquets

As the seasons begin to change and temperatures start to fall, we can’t help but take inspiration from the changing shades around us as we come into Autumn. We have been working with the incredibly talented floral designer Robin Pritchard to come up with some Autumn-inspired bouquet designs that beautifully reflect the changing seasons.
All of our stems are lovingly hand made and hand painted, each one subtly unique to perfectly match their fresh counterpart and there is no better time than Autumn for our blooms to show their uniqueness. Made from the finest quality materials, our ever-expanding range allows for a plethora of bouquet combinations and in the arrangements below Robin has combined both our new blooms with our well-established favourites to make these stunning designs come to life.
Our ‘Autumnal Aura’ bouquet is the epitome of Autumn with our new red dried hydrangea as the focal point. This incredibly high-quality bloom has wonderful texture to the petals as well as beautiful seasonal shading of green, yellow and red. Berries are a great way to add texture to your bouquets this time of year and Robin has achieved this perfectly with our realistic purple berries with ivy and green berry spray wrapped beautifully around the hydrangeas. Our new queen Anne’s lace in green and white add texture and a delicate touch to the arrangement. This wonderful bouquet is then filled out with our old favourites – green pittosporum and skimmia stems resulting in a bouquet filled with texture and warmth. 
The luxurious ‘Winter Wonderland’ bouquet is every flower lover’s dream. Stunning shades of blue, white, silver and green come together to create one of our most realistic bouquets yet. Robin used our blueberry stems, new blackberry spray and the deep navy from the centre of our realistic anemone to form the blue base from which this bouquet was created. Our new white fully double Madame rose is indistinguishable from the real thing and adds an unrivalled element of luxury to this arrangement. Together with the sumptuous head of our hydrangeas and height from our tall white sage plant, this bouquet ticks all the boxes. The hues of blue and white are pulled together with the silvery tones of our new lambs leaf and popular senecio leaf resulting in a true winter wonderland of colours. 
Whilst silvery tones and shades of red may be typically Autumnal, for those who are looking for a more neutral base, our ‘Eternal Elegance’ bouquet is just for you. This realistic bouquet combines our highest quality white mophead and paniculata hydrangeas with our new eucalyptus spray that will keep your guests guessing whether this luxurious arrangement is real. The white in this bouquet is perfectly balanced with the varying shades of green that Robin has included. Our new vibrant viburnum is so like it’s fresh counterpart and complements the green of our hypericum berries and eucalyptus spray beautifully. Woven through the bouquet is our new white ranunculus spray which has three blooms on wired stems allowing it to be wrapped around the foliage just like fresh. The textures and shades in this arrangement allow it to work wonderfully in Autumn and transcend through all seasons, keeping your home eternally elegant. 
If you are looking for something truly magical this season, look no further than our ‘Magic Moments’ bouquet. Our real touch peonies will not only fool your guests with their eyes but with their hands too. The special coating on the petals means that this piece is as realistic as can be and indistinguishable from the real thing. The deep rich burgundy shade of the peonies is perfectly offset by the creamy notes of our large white roses and magnolia branches. The petals of our magnolia are made from the finest quality material and each petal is wired and can be opened or closed as desired, perfectly reflecting nature. The foliage used in this bouquet is our purple berries with ivy and our realistic green pittosporum leaf which work wonderfully in tying the bouquet together.
The true quality and realism of our artificial blooms is shown in our ‘Snowberry Bliss’ bouquet. The hand painted touches on our white snowberries and pink tinges on our green ranunculus spray is a true testament to the workmanship that has gone into making these blooms as realistic as possible. The silver touch of our senecio leaf adds another autumnal dimension to this arrangement that works perfectly with the eucalyptus stems and cream hydrangeas. The gorgeous muted tones of cream, green and silver beautifully depict that of snowflakes fallen upon a field on a soft winter’s night and can effortlessly take you from season to season.
Through Robin’s stunning creations it is evident that the possibilities are endless when it comes to creating magnificent faux flower displays with something for everyone and for every home with bouquets available in sizes from small to deluxe. If you are not yet one of our devoted faux flower lovers, what better season than this to switch from fresh to faux with the limitless bouquet combinations that will stay looking fresh all year round.

Perfect, popular peonies

It’s rare I meet someone who doesn’t love peonies! As we help our customers select their perfect artificial flowers we find that hydrangeas please many, roses divide people distinctly into lovers and haters, but peonies have a special place in peoples’ hearts. The reason for their popularity stems from the capriciousness of their fleeting beauty, their dainty petals forming a perfectly shaped bloom for such a short time before dumping their petals on your coffee table like an avalanche. People also often tell us that they had peonies as part of their bridal bouquet and this flower’s symbolism in Chinese culture gives it extra special meaning for many.
It seems only fitting therefore that as we continue to expand our range of perfect artificial flowers, we continue to search for the perfect peony and this week we launch our newest and largest peony to date in classic white and magenta pink. To help you pick your perfect peonies and learn which blend together easily, here is an overview of our range which now includes four styles and seven different colours. Enjoy!
Classic peony
Our most popular peony reflects the classic cupped peony style and comes complete with a small bud. 50cm tall and available in white, pink, pale pink, burgundy, peach and fuchsia
 luxury artificial classic peonies
Open peony
This peony has a more ‘open’ and fully blown look. The main blooms is very similar in size to the classic peony but the bud is larger. 50cm tall and available in white, pink, pale pink and burgundy
luxury artificial open peony 
Small peony
The same height as the classic and open peonies but with a smaller bloom and no bud. Available in white and pink.
luxury artificial closed small peony 
Large peony - NEW
Our tallest and largest peony it comes complete with a thicker stem and large bud. For an extra special touch, this peony has especially shiny leaves. Available in white and magenta pink.
luxury artificial pink and white large peony
Combining your peonies
Our classic, open and small peonies have all been designed to sit perfectly together and represent the fresh flower at different stages of maturity to reflect nature. Simply choose your favourite colour(s) and place into your vase. Our larger peonies will also combine with the rest of our range (though you may wish to trim the stems) but are also perfect by themselves for a larger and taller display.
luxury artificial mixed peonies
What ever your perfect peony, enjoy browsing our range online and, as always, do get in touch if you have any questions. Click here to shop now

Which flowers will you pick?

Which flowers will you pick?
Customers often tell us that they love our flowers but aren’t sure where to begin in picking the right flowers for them from our extensive range of blooms. I’m sure there isn’t as much thought goes into buying a bunch of fresh flowers, but the more permanent nature of our arrangements means people really want to make sure they are purchasing a bouquet that suits not only their personal style but that also complements their décor and surroundings.

Luckily, we can help and we have devised a five-point guide below on how to choose the perfect artificial flowers for you.

1. Colour, colour, colour
What’s your favourite colour? This is always the first thing we ask our customers when they are not sure which flowers to choose. More than the style or the vase, it’s the colour that greets you first and makes you feel soothed or energized so this is a great place to start your selection; pick a colour that you really love and you can’t go wrong. However, it’s important to bear your surroundings in mind and pick a colour that you not only love but that will also suit your interior décor.

2. Flower loves and loathes
Our second question is always “are there any flowers that you particularly love or loathe”? Some people have very strong opinions on flowers and it’s a great way to narrow down the choices from our range of over 100 styles. We find that roses in particular, like Vegemite (Marmite if you prefer!) split people into two clear camps of lovers and haters, peonies however seem to please everyone. The best part about having faux flowers at home means that you can enjoy your favourite blooms all year round so it’s important to steer yourself towards the flowers that you will love to see day after day. If you are shopping our website we have made it convenient by separating our flowers out by colour and type.

3. Style
Do you prefer your bouquets to be full and blowsy, perhaps with a nod to a vintage or shabby chic style? Do you prefer the look of an English meadow or maybe you love blossom and all things leafy? Once we have settled on potential colours and types of flowers we ask “do you like your bouquets to be sumptuous with tightly packed blooms, or open and more natural looking?” - this can help to determine the types of bouquets or arrangements that work for you.

All of our blooms can be bought as bunches with one stem free. We find many people love a particular flower and/or colour so their ideal display is simply a bunch of these. Others, however prefer a combination of flowers and greenery so a bouquet that looks like it’s straight from a luxury florist is what works best for them. We sell all of our flowers by the single stem so that we can help you to create a bouquet that is very much your own and suits your unique style.
4. Vase
Do you have a vase in your cupboard that you adore and wish you had a use for? Or maybe an old jug or bottle with sentimental value that you would like a creative way to display? Whatever you have in mind, letting us know the height and diameter as well as sending us a photo will help us suggest which flowers will work best. With a particular vase in mind and whether you prefer an open or more tightly packed look will help determine how many stems you will need and therefore the budget for your arrangement. For example, our tall oncidium has a very narrow stem so if your vase has a wider opening and you prefer a fuller look, you will need several stems to achieve this which will impact your budget.  If you don’t have a vase, not to worry, we can always advise you on possible options which will work best with the bouquet you have created.

5. Situation
Where in your home are you planning on putting your bouquet? Are you looking to fill a small corner of a bathroom or have a dramatic centerpiece on a sideboard? It’s important to be aware of the height and breadth of the bouquet to make sure you’re choosing the correct sized arrangement. If it’s above a certain height, will it obstruct your husband’s view of the television or be competing for attention with a piece of artwork on the wall? Understanding your bouquet’s position in your home can help to determine the size of arrangement as well as what flowers will suit a particular space.

Our checklist is only a few steps to get you started in picking your flowers, however if you’re still not sure about which blooms to choose, give us a call or visit our showroom and discuss your ideas - we would be delighted to help you!
Photo credit : PATRICK PLEUL/AFP/Getty Images 

My favourite subject

I could talk for hours about what makes our artificial flowers so realistic and the best quality available, so unless you have a while, don’t get me started! - instead read about it below in your own time where I explain why our Amaranthine Blooms are the perfect substitute for fresh flowers!
As we prepare for the arrival of our new season stock, we are in the process of meeting with our wholesale customers to showcase our new range. In every meeting we are asked to explain what sets our artificial flowers apart from the rest which is I LOVE to do as it gives me a great opportunity to explain how we are able to achieve such lifelike blooms. I thought that you might like to know what we tell them!......
High quality - Hand made luxury
Each of our blooms is hand made. This means that each petal, stem and leaf is unique from the next and this creates a natural and realistic look. For example we pay attention to the veining and curve of our rose petals, the two-part formation of our hydrangea petals and the precise colour of all our blooms - all designed to accurately reflect nature.
Attention to detail - reflect nature as closely as possible
We focus on the shape, size, texture, colour and formation of the petals, leaves, stems, thorns, buds and stigma of our flowers. We are particularly proud of the hand-painted colours of our petals, creating a depth and individually that is unrivalled and we consider each bloom a work of art in its own right.
Our flowers are not silk flowers!
Contemporary artificial flowers are not made out of silks this delicate material frays easily and is hard to shape. Instead we choose the best quality materials for the individual bloom selecting fabric that is tightly woven with specialist treatments to resist fraying, and specialist foams that can be sculpted. We continue this attention to detail through to the plastics used in the stems which have a soft and natural touch and malleable wires so that blooms can be styled as desired.
A great example is our white mophead hydrangea
* Accurate petal shape with indented edges
   * Two separate petals attached together to form rounded or cupped appearance
   * Moulded petals with veined appearance
   * Different sized petals to mirror nature
   * Ivory white colour is subtle and natural
   * Large dense head of petals, 22cm diameter
   * Soft to touch
*Four pointed centre mirrors real life
* Authentic colour and texture,
   * Wired, not moulded, can be styled as desired
   * Natural bark effect
* Authentic colour, shape and veining
* Wired, can be styled as desired
If you would like more information about the quality of our flowers, please don’t hesitate to get in touch, we would be delighted to talk more on our favourite subject! 


The language of flowers

realistic artificial silk faux flowers for mother's dayFor centuries, we have been using flowers to send subtle messages and express our feelings for our loved ones without saying a word. With Mother’s Day approaching, what better way to show your mum your true appreciation than with a bunch of eternally beautiful faux flowers! To make your message extra special, we have helped identify the symbolic meanings behind some of our favourite blooms.
Hydrangeas with their full, lavish head of intricate petals are an increasingly popular Mother’s Day choice. A bouquet of hydrangeas is said to express gratitude for understanding and heartfelt thanks making hydrangeas a perfect gift to show your appreciation for your mum for all those times she has been there for you.
luxury artificial fuchsia hydrangea luxury artificial dried blue hydrangealuxury artificial white mophead hydrangea
Calla lilies are so timeless, it isn’t surprising that this elegant trumpet-shaped flower symbolizes magnificent beauty with its smooth stem and perfectly curved petals. There are a variety of colours of the calla lily, each one with their own meaning; yellow specifically symbolises joy and growth while the deep purple hue represents royalty and strength which are all wonderful ways to show these great qualities in your mum.
luxury artificial yellow calla liliesluxury artificial white calla lily bouquetluxury artificial purple calla lily

Roses are the iconic flower symbolising love and affection with the significance of each rose being reflected in their colour; from romance and beauty to wisdom and friendship you can express a variety of sentiments with a single flower. Pink roses in particular are perfect for sending send special thanks and appreciation and if you want to get really specific, even the different shades of pink can express a variety of sentiments. Light pink is associated with gentleness and admiration and a darker shade of pink is more closely associated with gratitude.

luxury artificial pink rose budluxury artificial peach english rosesluxury artificial red and pink rose

Peonies are loved the world over and they are one of the most popular blooms to send on Mother’s Day. This gorgeous flower with it’s full ruffled petals symbolizes all forms of beauty and is often used in weddings to symbolize a happy marriage. Pink is often a colour associated with Mother’s Day and would be a great choice for a husband to send to their wife.

luxury artificial light pink peonyluxury artificial burgundy peonyluxury artificial pink peony

Tulips are an ever popular spring flower which makes them a perfect Mother’s day gift to express warmth and affection. With their tall elegant stems and perfectly rounded petals, as with all flowers, the sentiment is determined by their colour. For the mum who is the queen of the family, deep purple tulips are the ideal choice reflecting your admiration for her regality. To express happiness, energy and understanding orange tulips should be your bouquet of choice!

luxury artificial red tulipsluxury artificial orange and white tulipsluxury artificial flowers purple tulips

If you would like to gift some of our everlasting beautiful faux flowers this Mother’s Day, click on any of the images above or click here for our selection of gorgeous Mother's Day bouquets and bunches.

best of both worlds

We are frequently asked if our flowers can be put into water to which the answer is a resounding ‘YES’! Not only does this subtle trick fool a friend or relative into thinking that your imitation flowers are, in fact, real, it also allows you to do one of my favourite things with artificial flowers which is to mix them with fresh!

One of my favourite combinations of fresh and faux flowers makes for a perfect Christmas time bouquet - our perfect white casablanca lilies and armfuls of fresh eucalyptus. This festive bouquet became a tradition many years ago when I lived opposite the New Covent Garden Flower Market in London. I would wander over every Saturday morning and was drawn to this striking combination of the silvery eucalyptus set against the crisp white of the lilies.

However, the lilies never lasted long and required too much maintenance and so I was delighted this year to replace them with our perfect imitation white casablanca lilies. I still mix them with fresh eucalyptus, an inexpensive foliage with a heady scent that epitomises Christmas. It can last 2-3 weeks (remember to change the water!) and by combining this classic Christmas greenery with our white casablanca lilies, you get a wonderfully scented floral display which will last throughout the festive season.

This year I am also adding our tall elegant red berries for an extra Christmassy touch, but once the mince pies are all eaten and the decorations taken down, I will remove them and the rest of the eucalyptus and enjoy my elegant, no fuss lilies, all year round until next Christmas.

Inspired by this combination we then blended fresh eucalyptus with a range of other festive blooms and you can see the results below. What combination of fresh and fake will you choose?....  

luxury artificial white lily luxury artificial white rose
luxury artificial white lily luxury artificial white lily faux red roses

Home visit - an urban oasis in Kowloon, Hong Kong

Nestled between the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong’s flower market and the busy streets of Mong Kok lies an urban oasis where stunning period properties enjoy that greatest of luxuries in Hong Kong, a garden.

For our latest home consultation project, we were honoured to be invited to visit one of our favourite clients whose home is surrounded by flowers and greenery in their lush garden. However, the readiness with which fresh flowers wilt led to frustration at not being able to mirror the nature outside with fresh flowers inside the home and fuelled her love of faux flowers. This love drew them to our showroom in search of the perfect imitation flowers that would not only last but would complement their vibrant interiors. We created a bespoke bouquet in our showroom and when our client hinted at being slightly daunted with the prospect of re-assembling the arrangement themselves, we suggested a home visit and consultation. Not only were we able to style the bouquet in-situ but our client had requested we bring along some additional flowers to create arrangements for other areas of their home.

The key piece created during our visit was an opulent bouquet of burgundy English roses, cherry blossom, orchids, green and white viburnum and magnolia which we created to sit above our client’s fireplace in their living room. Unlike many homes in Hong Kong, we had the luxury of a double-height ceiling to work with which meant that we could include more of our taller stems to create a display with the required impact within this large room.  

The arrangements didn’t stop there! Our client had lots of ideas for where to create displays of all sizes to complement her home. Taking inspiration from one of our client’s favourite pieces, a gold and pink intricately detailed Chinese vase, we combined our gorgeous yellow roses with our soft pink peonies which complemented the hues in the vase perfectly. After our visit, our client told us that her husband had never envisioned having flowers in the vase but loved the effect that we had created.

The sumptuous bouquet over the fireplace is certainly a statement piece however we balanced this with an elegant arrangement of single stem deep blue hydrangeas providing a lovely contrast to balance out the space. Elsewhere in her beautiful home we used orange and white tulips which added fresh spring touches in a simple and elegant way. Our client was truly astounded by the quality of the tulips and couldn’t stop touching the petals and leaves as they felt so real! One of our favourite rooms in her home was the vibrant dining room where we were able to bring out the colours in the curtains and accentuate the rich blue colour on the wall with our tall and elegant yellow and red oncidium.

Elsewhere within her home, we created tall displays of red amaryllis and white magnolia for the staircase and a posy of burgundy peonies for a small corner to complement the colours of the large display in the living room.

We are delighted that we were able to create such a variety of stunning floral arrangements that bring the outside into this gorgeous home and will last and last. 
To learn more about the blooms in the photographs below, please contact us on for more information.

bright, brilliant blooms all summer long

perfect artificial luxury flowers purple tulips

Keep your blooms bright and brilliant, not wilting and withered in the scorching summer sun.

Summer has finally arrived. But whilst the shining sun and soaring temperatures are perfect for cold drinks and long country walks, they are less than ideal for fresh cut flowers. The heat will make your delphiniums droop and your lilies lilt before your very eyes – that is if they even survive the journey home from the shop! Why not instead switch to our Amaranthine Blooms - artificial flowers so realistic that your friends will be dumbfounded as to how you keep your arrangements looking so sprightly in this heat. 

Simply put, why buy fresh when fake is so much better?  We have stopped counting the number of times people tell us “I can’t believe they’re not real!” and aside from the obvious benefits of our blooms lasting MUCH longer than fresh flowers (at least 3 years, instead of 3 days) they never show signs of wilting or sit neglected in a corner giving off a nasty odour and making you wish you had thrown them away sooner!  Rather than needing to prune or wash them, our flowers need little maintenance (maybe the occasional clean if you’re particular); and if you suffer from the sniffles in spring or summer, rest assured that not an ounce of pollen will bother you from our luxury artificial flowers.  What’s more, most of our blooms come with wired stems meaning that you can create new designs and bouquet combinations whenever you feel the need for a change. 

Don’t get us wrong, we love fresh flowers and dream of galloping wildly through fields of blossom and lavender and adore the sweet scents of light pink roses at the bottom of the garden, but there is simply no question that investing in excellent quality artificial flowers makes more sense than buying fresh flowers that barely survive the weekend. 

If you’re unsure where to start when choosing your artificial flowers, check out our gifts under £40  where you will find an array of stunning flowers to choose from.  Perhaps a white Casablanca lily bouquet or some deep blue hydrangeas.  Discover your own unique style by selecting a vase that you love and design your blooms to suit your décor.  Personally, I love my single stem pale pink roses in our entrance hallway and my beautiful tulip bouquets in the dining area.  I also adore stargazer lilies on which we are currently offering up to 40% off on our website.  

Don’t forget that our Amaranthine Blooms also make the most wonderful, long lasting gift for a friend or relative – be it a dinner party or a birthday.  Even though you may be wilting in the heat, rest assured that your gift will arrive on sparkling, dazzling form! 


London's blossom season

Whilst Japan might be famous for its annual sakura (cherry blossom) display, I was greeted by a host of blossom trees in full bloom upon arriving in London a couple of weeks ago. The branches were heavily laden with soft, delicate petals and was the perfect sight to lighten the mood of a weary traveller.  This stunning display was visible all over London and (for a short while at least) was complemented by bright blue skies which provided the perfect backdrop.
Normally by mid-May, the ephemeral blossom would have vacated its branches, but a prolonged cool spell, absent of the heavy wind and rain that so easily cause the demise of this fragile bloom, saw Mother Nature save this treat for a little longer this year. And perhaps, as with so many things, the wait had only served to increase its beauty.
 I have always found blossom captivating. There is something magical about the way the gentle, almost sheer petals float daintily in the air for their short-lived display. I am therefore delighted that we are able to offer two very realistic artificial flower blossoms so that you can enjoy their magical beauty all year round - cherry blossom and magnolia.
At Amaranthine Blooms we particularly love the combination of cherry blossom together with our luxury artificial hydrangea in a bouquet that mixes the best of late spring and early summer blooms.  The beauty of our magnolia is its elegant simplicity - arrange a few stems in a vase and gently prise open the wired petals of each bloom for an individual look.
See more by clicking on the images below: 

Finishing touches - a chic Hong Kong town house

This week we were invited to provide the finishing touches to this chic Hong Kong townhouse. Like so many of us, the owner wanted the beauty and splash of colour that flowers provide but without the effort required to keep fresh flowers looking fresh. In short, a more permanent solution that would give lasting enjoyment.

The key piece was this sumptuous display of pink peonies, with a few white peonies interspersed to soften the look. Elsewhere in her beautiful home we used striking deep blue hydrangeas to complement a traditional Chinese ceramic vase, an elegant magnolia to add interest to a small cloakroom and a carefully cantilevered blossom and hydrangea display in the playroom.

The owner tells us
“I really enjoy to watch those beautiful flowers everyday without worry about how to take care of and the replacement!  Thank you so much!“

To learn more about the blooms used click on the images below. If you are interested in booking your own at home flower consultation, please contact us at for more information.




Shhhhh.....our little secret


One of the delights of running Amaranthine Blooms is the fabulous feedback that we receive from our customers around the world. My favourite story this week came from England where a lady told me that her Casablanca lilies looked so real, her cleaner had put them in water!

If you want to convince your friends and family that your artificial flowers are real, follow our tips below…. and don’t worry, it’s our secret!

  1. When you have chosen your vase, trim the stems of your flowers to just the right length (use a pair of wire cutters or garden secateurs) and reseal the ends with a spot of glue (PVA works well)
  2. Remove any leaves from the lower parts of the stem, just as you would with real flowers 
  3. Alternatively, selecting an opaque vase to hide the stems and leaves - this way you can bend the stems so that they can be straightened and used in their taller length at a future time
  4. Arrange your flowers, perhaps bending the stems just below the head to encourage the heads to fall naturally over the side of the vase (this works particularly well with our large hydrangeas and peonies)
  5. From time to time, when you have visitors, put a little water in the bottom of your vase, leave for no more than 1-2 days and allow stems to dry out again in between. (Some stems are not suitable for placing in water, contact us if you have any questions)
  6. Keep your flowers clean. Use a hairdryer on a cool setting to remove dust regularly (more frequently on white flowers) and a damp cloth to remove any marks.
  7. Don’t forget to keep the vase clean as well
  8. And, of course, select the best quality artificial flowers from Amaranthine Blooms!

even better than the real thing


... is my most favourite response and the one I most commonly hear when someone sees our realistic imitation blooms for the first time. Even at our recent Pop-Up Shop where customers knowingly came to browse artificial flowers, I was amused to hear people’s disbelief that our stunning, lifelike blooms were not, in fact, real. 
It is always a great delight to help so many customers find their perfect floral arrangement, but what pleases me more is knowing that, in addition to creating a beautiful floral display, our imitation flowers have many benefits that fresh flowers do not:
Longer lasting – a huge understatement! Our imitation blooms will look immaculate for 3-5 years or longer, which means that once you’ve chosen your imitation blooms, you can enjoy more than just a fleeting love affair with them.
Remain perfect – no falling out of love with your blooms as they wilt and fade, enjoy their perfect beauty EVERY day.
Little maintenance – perfect for those of us who believe life ifs too short to be trimming stems, cleaning vases and changing water.
Pollen free – nothing to annoy hayfever sufferers or poison your cat.
A perfect gift - our blooms are lovingly packaged in tissue and ribbons and can be sent across continents where they will arrive in immaculate condition. They are also perfect for sending in situations where fresh flowers might not be allowed such as a new mother or loved one recovering in hospital.
Flexible – Most of our blooms come with wired stems that can be folded and re-straightened so that they can be restyled into a new design should you wish for a change.

Now look again at the blue hydrangeas at the top of the page - can you tell which are real and which are our gorgeous, but none-the-less fake, imitations? Click here to find out.....
Whatever your reason for preferring fake over fresh, you can Click here to find your perfect blooms in our online store. All orders over £75 come with free standard delivery - when they arrive, just sit back and wait for you friends and family to utter those immortal words...

 Buy online the most realistic lifelike artificial fake silk flowers from Amaranthine Blooms in HK and UK Buy online the most realistic lifelike artificial fake silk flowers from Amaranthine Blooms in HK and UK
 Buy online the most realistic lifelike artificial fake silk flowers from Amaranthine Blooms in HK and UK Buy online the most realistic lifelike artificial fake silk flowers from Amaranthine Blooms in HK and UK

Happy Birthday Mrs Wong

It gave me great pleasure today to create this beautiful gift for the birthday of a very special lady who turned 90 last week. The lady in question is the Grannie of an old friend, making it an extra special occasion.
For the gift we suggested a pretty bouquet of pink hydrangeas and roses, which despite being elegantly simple has a wide range of different shades within the individual blooms making it a perfect gift. We arranged for this to be hand-delivered including the vase and a card so that Grannie just has to pop it on her shelf an admire it.
We think that this makes a great gift for a friend’s birthday or especially the birth of a baby girl – what new mother has time to be caring for all those fresh flowers that get delivered and much better to give a gift that will still look as beautiful as the day it arrived when baby turns two, just like baby!
We are busy designing its blue equivalent for all those bouncing baby boys and are inspired to create a new section of our website with lots more gift ideas which we will advertise on our homepage shortly – watch this space for more details…….

As seen on TV


This week we were delighted to provide the floral arrangements for a TV shoot. The lovely Alex Sheldon, CEO and founder of The Home Stylist was being interviewed by Now TV about a flat she had styled in a bid to get her to reveal some of the secrets behind a successful home styling.
For our part, we provided simple floral arrangements suitable for The Home Stylists’ client, a hard-working man with an elegant bachelor pad. The focus of the apartment was the social dining area, adorned with striking green artwork, which we complemented with a simple and elegant single magnolia stem. We carried the green theme through to the kitchen with a contemporary vase of green hydrangea and for the lounge chose a larger display of perfect white Casablanca lilies (styled in a green vase!).
As Alex pointed out “Imitation flowers are perfect for our client. They provide a splash of colour and create a welcoming environment but without the need for maintenance. Perfect for a man that travels a lot and wants to feel instantly relaxed when he returns home. These elegant imitation flowers from Amaranthine Blooms complement our home styling perfectly.”
Thank you Alex, we couldn’t help but agree.

Every coffee table needs flowers

A fact that I’m sure you knew, but it struck me recently that no coffee table is complete without flowers. I can’t help but prefer the more finished and complete look that flowers give to any coffee or side table.

Whether it’s a pretty rose bowl, single orchid stem or a more elaborate bouquet, flowers complete the look of your perfectly curated collection of books and artifacts lovingly on display. Flowers can soften the look of your occasional table or to add a dash of colour to your room. For more ideas on how to style your coffee table, I came across a great article on, nearly all of their suggestions have a floral display of some kind - click here to read more. 

And whilst fresh flowers are lovely, if you don’t want the expense and effort that fresh flowers require, our lifelike imitation flowers are perfect for popping onto your table and admiring every day. So many of the images below can be copied using our exquisite realistic blooms.

Hydrangea holidays

Back to school, back to work, can you still remember your summer holiday?!
My fondest memory of the summer was my first trip to the Chesapeake Bay where my daughters mastered the art of the cartwheel and the hula-hoop and I admired the prevalent displays of hydrangeas in full bloom. Driving around was a visual feast of large sumptuous blooms and it seemed that the summer uniform of choice for any self-respecting house on Gibson Island was a large hydrangea bush or five by the veranda. But that's where the uniformity ended because the variety on display was spectacular. From the purest white to fresh greens and blues and soft pinks, mophead, lacecaps and paniculatas, bushes and trees. It was all there.

To keep this memory alive we are offering our favourite hydrangea arrangements at HALF PRICE, one each week for the next four weeks. We started with this gorgeous mix of green hydrangeas (still half price until midnight tonight), followed by my all time favourite, the mixed blue hydrangeas.